Min tiger

Min tiger

söndag 23 juli 2017


Idag visar jag en stämpel som jag så länge velat ha
men inte kommit mig för att köpa, men så förra veckan kom jag med
top 3 i en utmaning hos Aurora Wings och då 
tog jag den som vinst och har nu färglagt den för en
annan utmaning

Copic som jag använt:

Himmel: B000, 00, 21, 23, 32, 39,  93, 95, 97, 99,
FBG32, RV52, Y11, 15, YG11
Röd Katt: E02, YR18, 27, Y11, 15, 38, E99, 
Y11, YG11, G82, YG63 E15, R11
Grå Katt: C0, 1, 2, 3, BV0000, 000
B21, 32, 23, R11, E95, 99
Halsband: E33, 35, 37, Y11, 35, 38, E15
Freyja: E000, 00, 11, 21, E93
YR21, 24, 35
B63, 66, 69, 79 BV08, V99
E41, 43, 44
C1, 3, 5

Stämpeln heter Freyja as the Queen of Valkyries with her cats
kommer från Aurora Wings
och den finns HÄR

Deltar i utmaning

6 kommentarer:

  1. EEEK! LOVE!, Oh Lisbeth, I've had this image for ages and still haven't colored it up because, to be honest, it sort of scares me. But you've done such a fabulous job with the colors and amazing background. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining our Fur and Feathers Challenge at Aurora Wings. xxD

    1. Thank you Donna<3<3<3
      I googled vikings clothes for her dress:)) Leather and silver

  2. Amazing image and you have done such a fantastic job with the colouring! I love this!

  3. Lisbeth, this is absolutely gorgeous! You get better and better with each project, and it's been so fun for me to watch you grow. This image is one of my personal favorites, and you've done a fantastic job of coloring. Freyja and her giant kitties look magical and powerful! Thank you for playing at Aurora Wings Challenge! Mitzi xx

    1. Aww, thank you Mitzi<3
      I'm so happy over your kind comment, you made my day<3