Min tiger

Min tiger

tisdag 10 april 2018


Hi, today am I going to show you Aloha, my interpretation
of Leonardo da Vinci's Madonna of Dreyfus

The challenge on Facebook at Ching Chou Kuik 
are Be Inspired of Leonardo d Vinci

I don't know if he likes mermaids lol :) but I do


Skin: E000, 00, 11, 21, R20
Hair: E50, YR31, 24, 04, E35
Eyes: YR12, E15, 37, 47
Tail: R43, 36, 39,  BG70, 72, 45, 75
Seaweed: YG63, 67, 97
Sea: B000, 91, 93

Here you can se the original Madonna of Dreyfus

Digi stamp Aloha i one of a set of three stamps in 
Mother and Daughter Mermaid, and you can find it HERE

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